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The Hot Birdie Story

Every aspiring chef has someone they look up to as their culinary inspiration. Early in my career, that person was Miss Ollie. I admired her old-school cooking style, born of many generations of authentic Southern chefs. She believed cooking was all about tons of flavor, bringing food to life, and making people happy.

I believe we got along well because we both were born and raised in the South – which gave us an appreciation of the power of great food. We’d spent early mornings together in the kitchen, laughing, cooking, and trying new recipes. And every day, she would remind me, “Kevin, food shows love.”

Influences from those early years have melded with my new ideas, time-tested tastes, and perfected ingredients, bringing to life Hot Birdie’s flavors you’ll love, like my Spicy Mayo, brown sugar-honey slaw, and spicy housemade pickles aged in brine. Hot Birdie’s Chicken sandwiches conjure up happy memories, and offer our customers the chance to create many more!

Beyond delicious flavors, Miss Ollie also taught me the most important thing about being a chef: treating customers with respect and dignity. Today, that philosophy is ingrained in everything we do at Hot Birdie’s.

We appreciate you and hope you’ll come in and try a Hot Birdie for yourself!

– Executive chef and owner